I’m quite a well traveled person. I’ve been to France, Africa, Thailand, Vanuatu and England among others. As well traveled as I am outside of Australia, I have still yet to go to Melbourne. Well that’s about to change this week! In fact when you are reading this post I should already be there/here! Packing is always difficult to plan. You never know just what the weather will be like and my head always fills with what ifs… I probably could have survived 5 days with just a carry on suitcase but my flights actually already included checked in luggage so I’m making use of the extra room and packing for pretty much all eventualities.

This list could be pared down if you did need to fit it all in a carry on. It could also be used for a much longer vacation. I’m going down to Melbourne for a personal styling course with the Australian Style Institute so I’m wanting to look as stylish as possible every day. I want choices gosh darn it! I don’t want to be stuck and with the weather in Brisbane for the last week it could literally be seriously chilly or mind tormentingly hot so I feel like I need to pack options for that as well. Here are the items I settled on…

Melbourne 5 Days Summer Packing List

I stuck to a fairly neutral colour palette with just a few pops of pink and blue. You all know I love my patterns so I couldn’t go without. The patterns are all on the bottom half though so that all the tops can be matched with all the bottoms. The dresses I chose can be dressed up or down depending on what they are paired with. They could even be used as skirts or even tops if layered with the other pieces. I can wear them during the day but if I decide I want to go out at night I am prepared to do that as well. The button up shirts can act as stand alone pieces or be layered with other tops for some added warmth. I have every different kind of shoe I could need which can be worn with all the clothing items. Also you might recognise the pink sunnies from my I bought the First 5 things Facebook recommended YouTube video. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.


Outfit Inspiration

With these 33 pieces I am prepared for anything and everything Melbourne might throw at me. I’ve come up with a few outfits to give you some examples and to be prepared for when I get to Melbourne. There are many, many more combinations that are possible with these pieces. Which pieces would you pair together? For some more ideas on how to style the items I’ve packed check my how to wear culottes post and my how to wear a chambray shirt post.

Melbourne Packing List Outfit 1
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 2
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 3
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 4
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 5
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 6
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 7
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 8
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 9
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 10
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 11
Melbourne Packing List Outfit 12

I’ll try and post some of the outfits I actually wear during the week on my social media pages so make sure you’re following along on my Instagram and my Facebook page. Do you have any packing tips and tricks you’d like to share? Which outfit is your favourite? Also is there anything you’d recommend I see or do while I’m in Melbourne?