"Wow, what an amazing experience with Amy. There were many elements to our styling sessions. It was thorough and detailed. Amy has me looking professional and comfortable, which was my initial aim. Well done Amy. I recommend this business to everyone."
Janice Marshall
"I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from a personal stylist, but Amy certainly exceeded all of my expectations! The entire process was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Amy offered simple and practical tips to help me get the most out of my existing wardrobe, and showed me how to diversify my style without breaking the bank! I came away from our sessions feeling confident and excited to put the advice into practice! I can’t speak highly enough about the experience and I would not hesitate to recommend Amy’s services."
Ruth Grant
"Style Within Grace is a life changer! Before I did not know my style of clothing, wore two main colours and tended to feel quite insecure. Since the 3 sessions, I am now wearing clothes I love and feel comfortable in and I feel so confident everyday when I get ready to go out. Amy was so thoughtful and kind throughout the entire process, I would recommend her to everyone!"
Destiny Marshall
I always thought Personal Designers are for business women who need to make a good impression or leaders who just wear all the wrong things and spoil their impression. I never thought of an oldie like me needing the help. I had a lot of clothes but often didn't feel comfortable in them. My solution to boredom with my looks was usually to buy a new blouse as I had plenty of black trousers. I had nice things in my cupboard but they didn't look so nice on me - my shoulder straps showed, they were too tight, they made me look fat, or they were too big... but all too nice to part with and, I thought, one day they might fit better.

Amy didn't tell me what she thought about my clothes. It was all about how I felt in them, what was important to me when wearing them, what style did I like to emulate, what did I want to cover up or disguise. She wanted me to feel great when wearing them and if I didn't feel great or couldn't solve their problem, then maybe I would consider passing them on or selling them. I started with a "maybe give away" pile but when I realised how many clothes I had, I released the "maybe pile" willingly.

After I had thoroughly assessed my cupboard, she also had an art for storing everything so I could see all my clothing when I go to find something to wear. That is magic! So simple but practical. How many times had I forgotten a piece of clothing because it was at the bottom of the pile? By having everything visible I could also see different combinations to try.

Now when I would have gone shopping for another blouse I have plenty and when I do go clothes shopping it might be for different coloured pants to go with all I have. The cost might seem a lot but I suspect if I added up all the things I had bought needlessly, it just might come out even with the privilege of having your own personal stylist to give you back your self worth in your clothes.
June Verwayen