How to Wear a Chambray Shirt

I got this chambray shirt about a year ago now and I have over 50 combinations that I have come up with to style it. The chambray shirt is such a versatile piece and can be worn in so many different ways, in just about every season. I’ve also recently bought myself a darker wash chambray as well which just multiples the ways to style it even more. Today I’m just focusing on my light wash chambray and I’ve picked 10 of the many ways you can style the chambray shirt to show you here.

1. With a Lace Dress and Cowboy Boots.

Chambray Shirt Outfit 1

2. With White Jeans.

Chambray Shirt Outfit 2


3. With a Floral Skirt.

Chambray Shirt Outfit 3

4. With Leopard Print Leggings.

Chambray Shirt Outfit 4


5. With All White.

Chambray Shirt Outfit 5

6. With Converse Sneakers.

Chambray Shirt Outfit 6

7. With Pastels.

Chambray Shirt Outfit 7


8. With a Dress.

Chambray Shirt Outfit 89. Belted with Dress and Leggings.

Chambray Shirt Outfit 9

10. With Patterned Shorts.

Chambray Shirt Outfit 10


If you haven’t got a chambray shirt yet, I’d highly recommend adding one to your closet. Here are a few I have found online for you. The fifth one is pretty much the same one as mine.

Chambray Shirts


How to wear a Chambray Shirt and look cute every time! Fashion and style tips and tricks, ideas and inspiration for putting together an outfit with a chambray shirt.