A Year of Dates (In A Box) July

I am very late posting this month’s dates and even though I’m a month late we still haven’t had time to complete them all. It would have been better to stretch these all out over two years. But ah well, you live and learn. You can always go back to the index page to check out our previous dates and do them at your leisure. I have also updated the June date post to include the Night Out that we completed this month. Why not go back and check that out.

This month’s dates were sort of themed around books and reading. It might seem like a strange thing to theme dates around but I love these date ideas! This month is another month of dates that can be done pretty much any day of the week and for little to no money. Always a plus in my book. Haha you see what I did there? Anyway here is the explanation sheet I included in the July envelope to fill the hubby in on what to expect.

July Date Ideas

Night In:

While we managed to squeeze this date in right at the very end of the month, it didn’t really get fulfilled in all that was intended. The hubby had the day off from work and I don’t start work until late so we did it during a week day. He made me scrambled eggs and bacon as well as a hot chocolate. By the time we had finished our breaky the hubby was starting to fill ill and he tried to go back to sleep. So no reading and no bucket list either. I think we’ll have to attempt this on another day. Maybe this time I’ll make the breaky for the hubby.


Night Out:

Once again, we have fallen behind and just can’t catch up. I will tack this date onto the end once we have finished all the envelopes. I will of course then come back and catch you all up about it. For now here is the book challenge sheet so you can do it yourself

Book Challenge Date

We are almost to the end of our year of dates adventure now. Rest assured when we have some free time we will catch up on all the ones we have missed. We might even redo some of our favourites. Has anyone else tried some of our date ideas? Let me know how you go with them in the comments. Also if you have any great tips or ideas for date nights feel free to share them as well. I’ll be writing the August dates post soon so it won’t be far away.