Europe Spring Packing List

I have been looking forward to May all year long because the hubby and I are headed overseas to Europe for 3 weeks! Our plan of attack is to fly into Venice for 3 nights, followed by Milan. Then to Genoa quickly as we make our way over the border to Nice for another 3 nights. After that we are spending one night in Marseilles with cousins before heading to Lyons and surrounds to see the rest of the family. Lastly we head to Paris for a few days before flying back home. It’s a jam packed holiday and we’ll be busy right from the get go.

We don’t have much time for tours but we have plans to go on a gondola ride with serenade because when in Venice you just have to do that! We are also going to do a Gelati making course and an evening tour to Monaco. It includes a ride around the Grand Prix circuit, a 3 course fancy dinner and some free time at the Monte Carlo Casino. It’s definitely one of those holidays you need a holiday from when you get back. It’s going to be so much fun though! I can’t wait even though it’s not long now!

So with all that we’ve planned I wanted to make sure I had everything packed I could possibly need. I have been to Europe before but only ever in the dead of winter. So I don’t really know what to expect weather wise. According to google, the last month of spring will range from about 20-26 degrees Celsius which is still fairly cool. That’s why I packed a lot of layering pieces and items that could be worn in multiple ways.

All the button up shirts can be worn as is, unbuttoned over another top or underneath the sweaters I’ve packed. Most of the dresses can also be worn as skirts or tops with other items layered over the top. I kept the shoes very neutral so they’ll each go with everything. But I still have a pair of every different style I should need. I stuck to a colour palette of neutrals with some navy and pink to allow for easy mixing and matching. There are quite a lot of patterned pieces but mostly on the bottom half. So that all the tops should be able to go with all the bottoms. Then I have the scarves for a pop of something interesting as well.

Most of the items I’ve packed are from my most recent Boohoo haul on Youtube so you can get the exact pieces for yourself if you are interested. I definitely couldn’t resist packing the J’adore t-shirt for France! I’ve also got quite a lot of stripes and plaid because they just seemed perfect for the classy french fashion scene. My main pieces that I would definitely recommend taking are a classic trench coat, ankle booties, colourful scarves, high waisted skinny jeans and some classy sunglasses of course. I also packed some swimmers (just in case), various jewellery pieces and a formal dress and heels for the fancy dinner and casino evening tour we have booked in Monaco. They are a once off wear that won’t really be mixed and matched with the other pieces for my day to day outfits so I haven’t included them here.


Outfit Inspiration

A lot of clothing can be packed when you have a 30kg checked luggage allowance each! Even though there are quite a few pieces here I’m sure I could have fit a lot more. But traveling light makes it easier to haul around your luggage and it gives me space to bring stuff back. Do you think I have missed anything that you would have packed? With this many pieces of clothing there are just about limitless ways to pair them together. I’ve put together just a few below. I wanted to have some ideas for when I got over there.

I also wanted to test that each of the pieces I chose would be useful. By doing this I managed to cull two sweaters, a long sleeve top and a scarf. Which pieces would you pair together? For some more ideas on how to style the items I’ve packed, check out my how to wear culottes post and my how to wear a chambray shirt post.

Europe Outfit 1
Europe Outfit 2
Europe Outfit 3
Europe Outfit 4
Europe Outfit 5
Europe Outfit 6
Europe Outfit 7
Europe Outfit 8
Europe Outfit 9
Europe Outfit 10
Europe Outfit 11
Europe Outfit 12
Europe Outfit 13
Europe Outfit 14
Europe Outfit 15
Europe Outfit 16
Europe Outfit 17
Europe Outfit 18
Europe Outfit 19
Europe Outfit 20
Europe Outfit 21
Europe Outfit 22
Europe Outfit 23
Europe Outfit 24
Europe Outfit 25
Europe Outfit 26
Europe Outfit 27

Ah I could just keep going! There are so many options and that is exactly what I wanted. These outfits don’t even have any jewellery added yet. That will spice them all up even more. I’ll try and post some of the outfits I actually wear during the week on my social media pages so make sure you’re following along on my Instagram and my Facebook page.  Is there anything you’d recommend I see or do while I’m in Italy or France? I would love any advice you have for me? Tell me about your trips to Europe in the comments below!