Red Lace French Tip Nails 1

I went to a wedding this Saturday in a red lace dress. These are the nails I created to match. I did a basic straight French tip with scotch tape with a silver glitter line and a real piece of lace for the feature finger. The lace took quite a few coats of topcoat to stay in place and trimming it to the right size was challenging but I think it turned out better than if I had tried to hand draw it. I would probably recommend a nail foil over real lace but I didn’t have time to order some online by the time I figured out what I was going to do.

Red Lace French Tip Nails 2

I really love how the red lace feature nail looked. It matched the dress perfectly but it was really bulky on my nail. Even with a lot of top coat it didn’t really sit smoothly. I think I managed to keep it on for the wedding but as soon as it was over I peeled it off straight away. A red lace nail art sticker would have worked so much better. I just didn’t plan far enough in advance to order some online. I’ve ordered a few different lace stickers now for future use. You can grab the same ones I did here. Find some more wedding nail inspiration at Pastel Wedding Nails and Purple Ombre Swirl Nails.

What I used this week:

Addictive Top and Base Coat
Addictive French White
– Silver Glitter Nail Art Pen
– Red Lace bought from Spotlight
KDS Cleanser Plus
– Nail Stickers
9W Nail Art Lamp