Poison Ivy Nails 1

To go with my Poison Ivy costume for this Saturday’s Heroes and Villains birthday party, I created some Poison Ivy themed nails. They are fairly simple and could be used at Christmas too. This was my first attempt at using nail caviar. That’s the tiny red dots along my thumb and middle finger. My main problem was when I cleansed at the end to get rid of the sticky residue, it took the colour off the caviar. That’s why they look slightly silver on the top. I tried to do extra layers of top coat to protect the caviar but it still took off the colour. Anyone have any experience with caviar and have any tips for me?

I love going all out when dressing up in costume, that includes right down to the nails. Check out some of my other costume inspired nail art like my Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Nails or my Cat Claw Nails.

Poison Ivy Nails 2

Poison Ivy Nails 3

What I used this week:

Addictive Top and Base Coat
Addictive Green With Envy
Addictive Black Velvet
– Nail Diamantes
– Nail Caviar
KDS Cleanser Plus
9W Nail Art Lamp