Poison Ivy Costume

I love dressing up so when one of my friends invited me to his Marvel and DC Comics heroes and villains themed birthday party, I was stoked to start planning my costume. Poison Ivy was my go to costume choice as I already had most of the items needed to put it all together. I have provided a figure of how much each item cost when I bought them and a total if you had to buy all the items but I spent a lot less than this as I already had most things I needed.

Elements of the costume and where you can find them:

Green Corset
Green Corset from EBay
Cost: $29
Dark Green Jeans
Green Pants from Big W
Cost: $15
Poison Ivy Eyebrows
Poison Ivy Eyebrows Handmade
I bought a sheet of green craft foam from Lincraft and made them myself.
Cost: $3.49
Poison Ivy Artifiicial Leaves
Artificial Leaves from EBay
Cost: $8.99
Red Curly Wig
Red Curly Wig from EBay
This isn’t the exact one I bought but it’s similar. You can find cheaper ones but I like a specific look.
Cost: 11.69
Green Feather Eyelashes
Green Eyelash Extensions from EBay
Cost: $2.49
Red Heels
Red Heels from Wanted Shoes
These were a birthday gift from my husband a few years ago so not sure how much they cost and don’t think they are still available but any red heels you can find will do.

Total: $70.66
What I paid: $17.49

This is my interpretation of a Poison Ivy costume. There are lots of ways you could go about it. Many different interpretations of what she looks like within the comics and the movies. I wanted to keep it simple, be fairly warm and not too risqué. I had planned to wear leggings instead of jeans but I couldn’t find the right coloured green that was thick enough to wear as pants. It turned out well though because the jeans kept me warm.

I was thinking about gluing\sewing the leaves to the corset but in the end I just wrapped the vines around me and fastened the ends with safety pins so that I could use the corset again for other purposes. For make-up I stuck with a bold rep lip of course with green eye shadow, not only on my eyes but also a general spattering all over my shoulders and neck. I had a really cheap old dark green that wasn’t much good to use on my eyes any more so it was good to have a reason to use it up.

The eyebrows and eyelashes were attached with a cheap eyelash glue I had bought off eBay but turns out I’m slightly allergic to silicon and had a bit of a red rash all around my eyes for a few days later. Eep!  Worth it?  I’m not sure but it totally looked awesome while I had them on. I also did my nails to match the costume. Check them out here if you are interested. Below is a photo of what it all looked like on. I didn’t take any full length photos of just me so don’t mind the hubby dressed as scarecrow next to me. I helped the hubby DIY his scarecrow hood too. We were quite the villainous couple and even won the best dressed prize.

DIY Poison Ivy Costume 1

DIY Poison Ivy Costume 2