Sharpie Marble Nails 4

Many of you may have seen the latest trend in manicures is the sharpie marble look. I really loved the look and it seemed easy enough so I went out and got myself some sharpies to give this a try. It doesn’t look bad for my first attempt but it doesn’t look particularly marble like, more splotchy. I don’t mind my look but I think I need more practice to get it right. Seeing as I’m not particularly qualified to teach you how to do it you can find a tutorial from a master below. I watched this video to try and get the idea of how to do go about it.

For my bottom layer of colour I used a colour change polish. I love the two different looks that this gives!


Sharpie Marble Nails 1



Sharpie Marble Nails 2

Sharpie Marble Nails 3

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What I used this week:

Addictive Top and Base Coat
Addictive Desirable Dahlia
– Sharpie
– Rubbing Alcohol
KDS Cleanser Plus
9W Nail Art Lamp