New Year New You Style Challenge 2017

New Year New You Style Challenge

As some of you may be aware, I have been taking part in Fox in Flats Style Challenge DAREcember. The general premise is that there is a dare relating to fashion or beauty, that you must complete each day, from wearing red lippy to pattern mixing. I have found it incredibly enjoyable and enlightening and I have actually found it easier to get dressed in the morning because I had something to base the look around rather than starting from absolutely nothing. Some new outfit combinations have entered into my wardrobe rotation as well.

I don’t want the style challenge to end so I’ve decided to create a year long style challenge for myself and any of you that want to join me. You don’t by any means have to do the whole year. Each month I’ll be posting the challenges and updating you on how I have faired. Some months might be more relevant to you than other months so you can just pick and chose which ones to join in on. I hope by the end of it, your sense of style has been challenged and you come out the other side with a new mind set about fashion and your style.

I’ll keep this as the home page of sorts for the challenge and add links for all the months below as they come around.



I’d love to see what
you come up with!

This challenge won’t necessarily be a post every day kind of thing. Some months will have a different dare or suggestion every day while others will be a monthly challenge. Please feel free to share your styling handiwork to the Style Within Grace Facebook page or on Instagram with #NewYearNewYouStyleChallenge and tag me in your photos @stylewithingrace. Follow me on instagram as well to see my daily posts of how I’m coping with the challenges. I really hope you will share your outfit combinations with me. Please let me know if and how this challenge has changed your way of thinking.

If you want to join in, I’ve created a banner and an instagram photo below for the challenge. You can post them to social media to get others on board or if you have a blog, chuck it on your sidebar. Simply right click to save and link it back to this post. If you blog about your #NewYearNewYouStyleChallenge efforts, let me know so I can read your posts. Get as many people on board as you can. Stay tuned for the details regarding January which will be coming your way momentarily. As we come to each month, I’ll have separate hashtags relevant for each new theme but for the overall challenge you can use #NewYearNewYouStyleChallenge.

Here’s to rediscovering and challenging your style. Have Fun and Good luck!

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