Instagram Round Up #7

I’m two months into my #NewYearNewYouStyleChallenge and this month was all about using inspiration photos to help put an outfit together. I dubbed it #FollowSuitFebruary. Mid February I had a huge break from posting because I was lucky enough to go on this year’s East Coast Pole Cruise to New Caledonia and Vanuatu. I was a cheap skate and didn’t want to pay for an internet package while on board so I essentially dropped of the face of the earth. The trip was so much fun. I met so many people and learned so much! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone else out there that does pole dancing. I had a lot fewer posts this month because of the cruise but I still haven’t included every single day’s worth of outfits below. If you want more why don’t you follow me on @stylewithingrace.

Along with using an inspiration photo each day, I also based my outfits around a variety of Instagram Daily Style Challenges. Some of the challenges included #januarywearwhatwhere, #anySTAGEstylejanuary, #stopdropstylejanuary and #simplystyledjanuary. These style challenges are great because every time you use the hashtag, it counts as an entry into a prize give-away. I got a bit creative this month and started photo-shopping my images a bit more. I was tired of the same old backyard backgrounds. For some reason I settled on a watercolour theme. What do you think of my new outfit photo set-up? Any artists out there want me to use your artworks in the background? Feel free to send them through or contact me. Anyway, on to it…

Follow Suit February Outfits Day 2

Day 2: Winter or Spring, Puxatony Phil, On Repeat, Repeated Colour

I love this muted colour combo! It totally shouts springtime to me even though I’m still in the brute force of summer here. If you were looking to recreate a version of this outfit SammyDress have the key pieces, The pink leather jacket (Similar) and the white lace skirt (Similar).


Follow Suit February Outfits Day 6

Day 6: Cross My Heart, Giving the Cold Shoulder, Dare to Bare Shoulders

I love when you buy something off SheIn because there is a style gallery of how other people have worn that item and it’s great to give you ideas on how to put together new outfits. I bought this skirt off SheIn and this is how one of the other users have styled it so I decided to get some inspiration for her. This look is fab but I think I should have chosen a slightly shorter necklace so that it didn’t sit right on the neckline of my top.


Follow Suit February Outfits Day 7

Day 7: Hello Kitty Heel, Fireside Tones, A Trace of Lace, Pink Florals

This was a really difficult combo to come up with and while I came up with something I would probably tweak the colour palette the next time I wear it. A lot of you have expressed interest in this criss cross tee and I would totally recommend it as well. It is so comfy and soft and it one of those colours that is very versatile.


Follow Suit February Outfits Day 9

Day 9: All Ruffled Up, Best Blazer

This has been one of my favourites so far. I feel like you can’t go wrong with a floral skirt and blazer combo and it’s so easy to create from whatever you have in your wardrobe. Nude pumps are also really versatile. Mine are looking a little worse for wear though and I have been looking into replacing them. If only I could find the perfect pair.


Follow Suit February Outfits Day 10

Day 10: Flare for Fashion, Fancy and Frilly, Sugar Plum Fairy, Pink Accessory

Oh my gosh… these shoes! I am obsessed! It’s a little hard to tell from the picture but the straps are actually opalescent. Isn’t that the coolest? I’m also really proud of this outfit because I’m wearing a top that I altered. The old high neck of the top didn’t suit me at all so I changed it to a singlet top. I love the watercolour floral pattern so I’m glad I made it work.


Follow Suit February Outfits Day 12

Day 12: Match Dot Com, Loungin’ Like Sunday Morning

Today I felt like going a little bit rocker chic grunge so I paired my recently acquired band tee with the leather skirt which I found at a thrift store and took in. All the black kind of attracted too much heat from the sun for my liking. I was able to get away with slightly messier hair than usual though. I’m keen to try out all my other band tee outfits that I’ve come up with.

I hope that you’ll join me for #MinimalistMarch next month. I’ll be back with more instagram round ups then.