Drag Art Nails

This week I thought I’d try my hand at drag art, which is when you put blobs and lines of colours in various patterns on your nails and then pull a thin brush through the wet nail polish. I don’t think I’ve quite mastered the art yet. I think my attempt looks cool from far away but up close it looks a little messy. Some fingers are better than others. Trying to get a consistent look is challenging.

I used a colour change polish for the base and also the blue parts of the drag art. If you’ve never heard of colour change polishes before get ready to be amazed. They are a nail polish that changes colour depending on the temperature. Some polishes only have two distinct colours, one for hot and one for cold. Others have more of a gradient fade and look more like three different colours. The top photo is how the colour change looks in transition. I think this is how it looks the best but I am mostly either cold or hot, not really anything in between.

I think I need to be lighter handed with the pull through brush. Most of my strokes were too big. I tried one finger with a wet base coat underneath thinking it would help them blend nicer but it looked the messiest of all. I think it’s possible the gel nail polish is a different consistency to whatever everyone on Pinterest is using and therefore doesn’t work as well. Does anyone else have any tips or tricks?

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Drag Art Nails Cold 1

Drag Art Nails Cold 2


Drag Art Nails Hot 1

Drag Art Nails Hot 2

What I used this week:

Addictive Top and Base Coat
Addictive Black Velvet
– Addictive French White
Addictive Desirable Dahlia
Addictive Vivacious Violet
Nail Art Brushes
KDS Cleanser Plus
9W Nail Art Lamp