Easter Bunny Pink Glitter Nails 1

With Easter approaching quickly, I figured I should get in there and do some cute Easter inspired nails. I researched on Pinterest for ideas put my own spin on some of the designs I found. I kept it fairly simple this time. As I’ve had to cut my nails short again because of breakages, I didn’t have as much room for intricate designs as when they are long.

For the rabbits, I painted on the white nail polish with a nail art brush but then cheated a little and used sharpie pens to draw on the eyes, nose, whiskers and centres of the ears. It really is so much easier to draw the details with sharpies. I think they turned out really cute! Next Easter I think I’m going to go the baby chicken route. Anyone else have Easter nails? I’d love to be inspired by your designs! If you want to see more of my nail art inspiration check out my Valentine’s Day Nails or perhaps my Drag Art Nails.

Easter Bunny Pink Glitter Nails 2

Easter Bunny Pink Glitter Nails 3

What I used this week:

Addictive Top and Base Coat
– Addictive Pink Diamonds
Addictive Strawberry Cream
KDS Cleanser Plus
– Nail Stickers
9W Nail Art Lamp