Backyard Makeover Part 3This is the final development in our Backyard makeover and it sure has been a long time coming. I’m so thrilled to finally have it completed. If you’ve only just joined us you can find the other backyard makeover posts below:

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When I started this journey, I planned to just leave the cement as it was but after seeing what it looked like next to the newly painted fence and the pavers, I decided it just brought the look of the whole backyard down. Especially since it got deck stain and grout all over it. So in this final instalment I set out to paint the cement. I didn’t think it would be a big deal, just buy some paint and chuck it down quickly one weekend but when I went to Bunnings, I was informed that before I painted the cement, it needed to be etched.


Etching the Cement

For those of you who, like I didn’t, have no clue what that means, concrete that hasn’t been treated in any way after being poured can be too hard and smooth to accept paint or protective sealants, thus etching is needed to open the pores of the concrete and prepare the surface to accept the paint. The really helpful people at Bunnings helped me select what I needed and told me that the cement had to be completely, utterly dry before then continuing on to paint it. This is what the cement looked like before I etched and painted it.

Backyard Makeover Cement Before Left Side Wide

Backyard Makeover Cement Before Right Side

Backyard Makeover Cement Before Right Side 3

Backyard Makeover Cement Before Steps

I bought everything I needed with plans to do the etching the next weekend, and then it rained. Whenever it was sunny enough to actually etch I always had other plans. When I was determined to get it done that weekend, it rained. At last two weekends ago, I managed to get the etching done, which wasn’t too difficult. It only took a little over an hour to sweep down the concrete, clean it with paver cleaner and then etch it. I then left it until the next weekend to make sure it was completely dry before painting.


Painting the Cement

Can I just say, my little patio is much bigger than I thought it was! The task was much more of a mission to complete than first expected! I got up fairly early on the Saturday morning and chucked on my painting clothes. I started with the edges before working my way to the rest with a paint roller. By the time I was done 3 1/5 hours later, I had so many blisters covering my hands I could barely even drive to the bridal shower I had that afternoon. I obviously need to invest in some heavy duty gloves. After all of that pain and effort, the cement still looked streaky and needed another coat.

Backyard Makeover Cement Paint One Coat Right Side

Backyard Makeover Cement Paint One Coat Right Side 2

Backyard Makeover Cement Paint One Coat Left Side

Thankfully my dear hubby took on the task for me the next day, seeing how unfit I was to do it myself. Guess what, he wound up with a ton of blisters as well. Alas our efforts have finally come to an end and our “little” backyard makeover is completed! I must say it looks much brighter than what I had pictured when I was choosing between paint chips.

I tried to match it to the pavers/tiles and chose a colour called China Doll. But turns out I should have gone for something two or three shades darker. Never mind though, I don’t mind it. It just means I’ll have to keep it extra clean. We’ll have to wear sunnies to look at it directly at midday. I guess I would recommend getting a sample pot next time. Test out the colour in the light of the sun. It would have given me a much clearer idea of what it would actually look like.

Backyard Makeover Cement Paint Left Side

Backyard Makeover Cement Paint Right Side

Backyard Deck Before and After Left Side

Backyard Deck Before and After Right Side

Now all that’s left to do is put all the furniture back and continue to decorate the outdoor area. Also I kind of really want to do something to hide the ugly as air conditioning unit. It seems I’ll never be satisfied and will always find more to do. Well I guess that will be another blog post down the line. It’s amazing though to see just how far we’ve come. From right back at the beginning when it was just full of half dead plants hiding a less than ideal fence. I can’t wait to have lots of people over to entertain in our new entertaining area. Good luck in your renovating endeavours…

Outdoor Air Con Unit