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Workout wear… not something I would have been writing a post on a few months ago but I have joined in on an 8 week challenge at my local gym and suddenly found myself lacking clothing in this area. Some people couldn’t care less what clothing they wear to exercise in because it’s just going to get soaked in sweat anyway but my train of thought is, if you have to go out and buy items to exercise in then they might as well be cute. It’s also actually quite fun putting together active wear outfits now that I have a reason to wear them. So without further ado my workout wardrobe essentials guide.

My 10 Workout Wardrobe Essentials:

1. Sneakers

Workout Wardrobe Essentials - Sneakers

Your footwear is probably the most important thing in your workout wardrobe! If they aren’t comfy then it’s going to greatly inhibit your ability to workout. There’s no reason they can’t be cute at the same time though. I personally like either an all white or a black and white sneaker because then they go with whatever other wild colours and patterns are in the rest of the clothing.

At the moment I’m wearing the Asics on the far left. Nike and Adidas are other great brands. Go to Athletes Foot to get your foot professionally fit if you have any specific issues you want to address, like high arches or dodgy ankles.

2. Leggings

Workout Wardrobe Essentials - Leggings

Leggings are the most comfortable piece of clothing to workout in! They come in so many different colours and patterns these days it’s easy to show off some personality with this item of clothing. Black and grey leggings are good too because then you can mix them with more out there sports bras.

I’d recommend having a long pair and a cropped pair, something neutral and something fun! I much prefer high-waisted leggings because they hold you in at the right places and look more flattering, you can also get away with wearing them with just a sports bra. They look oh so cool with a cropped t-shirt or hoodie as well. Ones with pockets are awesome! It’s nice when they have the breathable fabric behind the knees as well.

3. Sports Bras

Workout Wardrobe Essentials - Sports Bras

I personally have the requirement of all my sports bras to be padded. If it’s not removable that’s even better because those pad inserts always end up getting folded over in the wash and I hate having to fix them! Sports bras that have zippers at the front or clips at the back make getting into and out of them so much easier because when you’re all sweaty it can be a real struggle. Design and colour wise there are so many options out there, go wild!

4. Singlets

Workout Wardrobe Essentials - Singlets

You can get some seriously cute sports bras so you may not want to cover them up. But if you aren’t quite that confident with your body yet you may want to op for a singlet. If you still want your sports bra to peak through you can get ones in mesh fabrics that are semi-transparent or ones with low backs or extended arm holes. I tend to like a looser fitting singlet that sits a bit longer over my leggings.

5. Gym Bag

Workout Wardrobe Essentials - Gym bags

Something water proof is usually a good idea as you don’t want your dripping with sweat workout clothes to leak though the bag and make everything else stink when you change out of them at the end of your workout. It needs to be big enough for a change of clothes, a gym towel and your water bottle.

6. Cropped T-Shirt

Workout Wardrobe Essentials - Cropped Tee

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea either but I like to wear my t-shirts cropped when I’m wearing high waisted leggings. Less material means more air circulation and breath-ability. If you’d prefer to cover your midsection more though feel free to skip over the cropped part and just read this as t-shirt.

7. Extended Arm Hole Muscle Tank Top

Workout Wardrobe Essentials - Muscle Tank

The extended armhole muscle tank top is seriously trending right now and not just for gym wear but for athleisure as well. This comfy and stylish piece sits longer to cover your butt when wearing leggings and also allows your sports bra to peak out the sides.

8. Hoodie

Workout Wardrobe Essentials - Hoodies

If you are exercising in cooler weather than you might want something a little warmer than a singlet to at least start your workout with. Look no further than a trusty hoodie! Any hoodie will do but I like cropped ones, cutouts ones, mesh ones and even sleeveless ones.

9. Gym Shorts

Workout Wardrobe Essentials - Gym Shorts

If leggings are a little too warm for you, than gym shorts are another great clothing option for your bottom half. They come in all the beautiful and bright patterns that leggings do or you can go for a more subdued look with your plain black ones.

10. Accessories to Match

Workout Wardrobe Essentials - Accessories

This one is almost a cheat category to get more than ten things in here. It depends on what your exercise preference is though. If your a yogi than you might want to invest in a yoga mat. If running is more your thing perhaps an iPhone holder and headphones. A cap could be useful if you are working out outdoors. Other things like gym towels, water bottles and headbands can be useful no matter what kind of exercise floats your boat.

I realize a lot of people would say I am missing a key piece of clothing in this workout wardrobe essentials guide… joggers. I personally don’t wear these when exercising and reserve them more for a lazy day at home. Even in winter I find them too hot once I’ve started working up a sweat to wear for the whole workout. If you do wear them though good for you. You do you and I’ll do me!

Other than that have I missed something you would include in my workout wardrobe essentials guide? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out my other wardrobe essential posts for Autumn and Summer.