How to Wear a Knee High Socks Vertical

As it’s ever so slowly becoming colder, I have started to become obsessed with the knee high socks trend. Well I’m not really sure how much of a trend it is, as I haven’t seen it around much, until I started watching Lost and Found Music Studios, which is a new Netflix Original TV show. A couple of the characters on it wear knee highs all the time and they look so cute but I had already bought myself some knee high socks off eBay before that. I first saw them while searching for outfit inspiration on google images and Pinterest.

Knee high socks are perfect for the Autumn and Spring in-between weather where it’s not really cold enough to wear full on long pants yet. They are great for wearing with short dresses. You can have them folded down over your shoes and then unroll them up your leg when it starts to get chilly. They can also be worn in many different ways which is what I’m about to show you. I’ve included below the inspiration I found online and then how I interpreted the outfit with clothing from my wardrobe. Join me in my obsession with knee highs.

1. With a Lace Dress.

Knee Highs Outfit 1
With a Sweater Dress Inspiration

2. With a Skater Skirt and Loose Tucked In Sweater.

Knee Highs Outfit 2
With a Skater Skirt and Loose Sweater Inspiration

3. With a White V Neck Tee and Floral Skirt.

Knee Highs Outfit 3
With a White v neck Tee and Floral Skirt Inspiration


4. With a Pattern Shorts and Loosely Tucked Shirt.

Knee Highs Outfit 4
With Patterned Shorts and Loosely Tucked Shirt Inspiration



5. Over Black Leggings.

Knee Highs Outfit 5
Over Black Leggings Inspiration



6. With a Denim Jacket.

Knee Highs Outfit 6
With a Denim Jacket Inspiration



7. With a Polka Dots.

Knee Highs Outfit 7
With Polka Dots Inspiration



8. With a Sweater Dress.

Knee Highs Outfit 8
With a Sweater Dress Inspiration



9. With a Batwing Cardigan.

Knee Highs Outfit 9



10. Over Tights.

Knee Highs Outfit 10
Over Tights Inspiration

Have I made you obsessed yet? I had so much fun coming up with outfit ideas for Knee high socks. I don’t think I’ve even exhausted myself yet so I may do another 10 ways to wear them later on. The best place, in my opinion, to get yourself a pair or two is off eBay. The links to the two sites I got mine from are below but if you just search for knee high socks on eBay you will find a large range of them.

Cable Knit Knee High Socks

Cable Knit Knee High Socks 1
Cable Knit Knee High Socks 2

Under Knee Socks

(Even though they look over the knee in the photos these only make it to just below my knee)

Under Knee Socks 1
Under Knee Socks 2

If you love How to wear… posts as much as I do then check out my index page full of them. Keep warm as the autumn turns to winter…