Cuddly Sleepers

Mastering the Art of the Hug ‘n’ Roll

While I was cuddling my super sweet hubby in bed the other night before we fell asleep, I was reminded of the Hug ‘n’ Roll episode on Friends. For those of you not familiar, this is basically what happens. Chandler seeks advice on relationships from Rachel and Ross because he likes his space when he sleeps. But Janice likes to cuddle. Rachel replies “I’m sorry we can’t help you there, we’re cuddly sleepers.” But once Rachel has left, Ross secretly tells him about the “hug and roll”–a maneuver designed to end the cuddling and give you some space. Chandler tries it out but ends up dumping Janice on the floor.

Cuddling Woes

Now I’m a typical cuddly girl but I don’t understand how someone could possibly sleep the whole night through wrapped up in his or her spouses arms. Occasionally, if we’re lucky, we fall asleep cuddling but usually wake up again less than an hour later. The idea of sleeping all night cuddling is so cute but in reality it gets uncomfortable.

Once that niggly thought that I’m uncomfortable enters my brain then there is no way I can get it to leave without moving. I’m lying there thinking, “Aw I love my husband” then bam, “hmm my neck hurts a little.” But then I think, “but it’s so nice to sleep like this” but that niggly voice is just like, “YOU WILL NOT SLEEP! MUHAHAHA!!!” All I can think about is my neck and when I’m thinking, I do not fall asleep. I feel if I keep moving every time I get uncomfortable while still cuddling my husband I’m going to keep him awake too.

Cuddle Decoder

Cuddling Decoded

If I sleep in the Sweetheart’s Cradle or Shingles, my neck gets sore propped up on his arm or chest. If we are spooning, my hair gets in his face and sooner or later I overheat. The Honeymoon Hug makes both our arms numb and The Pursuit gives my arm pins and needles. So after we have had our share of cuddling we end up in some form of the Cliff Hanger. Sleep position decoders on the net say that couples that sleep this far apart physically are also far apart emotionally. But that is just bull. For us, sleep is just too important to get woken up whenever the other person moves. And I move a lot. It doesn’t mean I love him any less. What kind of cuddly sleepers are you?

Agonising Cuddling Moments

Onedio have a hilariously accurate depiction of what I go through in any particularly cuddly night. I feel like they are missing at least a few moments like trying to pull the blanket up but somebody has strategically cocooned themselves thoroughly in it resulting in a lot of grumbly when you try to retrieve your share. Also to add onto the snoring issues, sleep talkers can be just as annoying although also some what amusing. It doesn’t make for restful sleep though when you are awakened to your partner shouting that he forgot something important, getting up and turning the light on in the middle of the night all while he is still asleep. I was of course instantly in action mode to fix whatever needed fixing. When he just went right back to sleep, not answering my urgent questions of what was wrong, I was left completely and utterly wide eyed.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I’d love to hear your sleep stories in the comments below. Are there really people out there that cuddle all night long? If there are, I salute you and your awesome talent! I am envious of your sleep ability. Have you discovered the perfect position? Oh won’t you share your wisdom with me. If you’ve enjoyed this post about my cuddling woes, you might want to check out some of my other relationship posts like Our Love Story and The Perfect Couple… Don’t forget to share all about your cuddle (mis)adventures below.