Cat Claw Costume Nails 1

A few weeks ago now I had my dancing performance night. Our dance piece was based off the Jellicle Ball from the musical Cats. I crafted an excellent cat costume for the performance and I figured that it would be cool to paint my nails cat like too. I’d seen the cat nails on pinterest before and they looked simple enough so I decided to give them a go. I even bought a new nail polish colour specially for it. From a distance they didn’t turn out too bad but they didn’t last very long.

One hand I tried black first, then painted on the beige on top which looked a bit weird so then I tried beige first then taped the corners of my nails to paint the black on top. That really didn’t work well as the black seeped under the tape and gave a very dirty smudged line. Cat nails need to be much cleaner and pointier. I only took photos of my left hand which is the one with black first which ended up being the best. I feel like I may be missing something in regards to doing these. If you have any tips for me comment below 🙂

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Cat Claw Costume Nails 2

What I used this week:

Addictive Top and Base Coat
Addictive Black Velvet
– Addictive Iced Coffee
KDS Cleanser Plus
9W Nail Art Lamp