Backyard Makeover (Part 1) The Deck

The plan is to make a rocking entertaining area that we can spend many an epic night together in our totally awesome backyard. With the help of Pinterest for design ideas, we created this plan to submit to our body corporate to show them what we planed to do with our little backyard to make the most of the space. We also submitted an application to remove the tree but that was denied so we just built the deck around it.

Backyard Plan

I wanted to play with 3 different levels, the deck which then stepped down to the cement that is already there which then would step down to the tiled area. We are creating the deck especially for a blow up hot tub to go on. I’m so pumped to get this one done but seeing as we still have a mortgage to pay back on our house, we are transforming the backyard bit by bit. Phase one was to pull out all the ugly, mostly brown and dead plants.

Clearing Yard 2

Clearing Yard

Then one weekend dad and hubby put in the metal foundations. I helped by rust proof painting the beams.

Day 1 Metal Foundations

We had the most progress over our January holidays when the men worked for a week straight constructing the deck. Unfortunately on the last day we got rained out and couldn’t finish the steps (which is a huge pain because now our two lovely kitties can go under the deck and are almost impossible to get out). Once it was done, (and the sun had come out again) I helped stain the wood.

Day 1:

Day 1 Deck Foundations

Day 2:

Day 2 Deck

Cleo Checking out our progress

Day 2 Deck Close Up

Day 3:

Day 3 Deck

Day 4:

Day 4 Deck

All stained and pretty!

Deck All Stained

It’s ended up higher than I thought it would be but overall I’m very happy with our progress. I can’t wait to finish off the steps and tiling! Then I think I’ll have to figure out something I can do about the ugly fence. It just won’t go with out stylish backyard. We might try to stain it the same colour as the deck. But I think I better go on the hunt for some mirrors, lattice and vertical gardens as well. Continue onto the next instalment…

Backyard Deck Before and After 1